Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioning System

Certain household maintenance chores can pay off than waiting to schedule for the maintenance of an air conditioner later. That gives a homeowner a chance to avoid emergency breakdown and stay cool throughout the summer as well as save millions of dollars on their energy bills. Well maintained air conditioners often cost less to run, use less energy, and run more efficiently than ever. An air conditioner in good condition can also last for decades before the need for its repair or replacement arises. While anyone can do AC unit maintenance tasks, others are complicated, and only a trained and licensed professional can handle them. Below are ways homeowners can ensure their AC units last longer than their expectations.

Thermostat Examination

Homeowners should ensure their thermostat are efficient in controlling their room temperature. You might consider upgrading to a modern, programmable thermostat if you’re still using an older one. A programmable thermostat let homeowners set their temperature higher when they aren’t around and cool the house before they arrive at home. That helps saves a lot of money and energy and make your home comfortable because the AC doesn’t have to run when no one is at home.

Replace and Clean Air Filters

One of the critical air conditioning maintenance Denver CO tasks is to repair and replace all malfunctioned air conditioner filters. It’s recommendable to perform the activity before and after a high-use season such as during the spring and fall. Continued accumulation of allergen particles, dirt, and dust can hamper the flow of air, and it can make it hard for the AC to work efficiently. Over time, the air flowing through the AC unit might also become prone to allergens, dirt, and dust and make your home inhabitable.

Clean the Outer Side

Grass clippings, dirt, and leaves will over time build up on the outer side of an AC unit, hampering the flow of air and reduce the capacity of the system. After disconnecting the AC from the power source, use a hosepipe to wash away dirt and debris that are stuck to its outer side. However, homeowners should be cautious not to damage the delicate parts of the unit, and the use of a power washer is prohibited. Homeowners should also trim any plant or shrub that has grown around the AC unit to allow efficient flow of air.

Inspect the Fan

Homeowners should always turn off the air conditioner before inspecting the fan mounted on its top. Any signs of chips or cracks in any of the blade could indicate it’s time to replace the fan blades. You may also need to oil the motor bearings often to ensure the fan works correctly.

Work with a Professional AC Service

Hiring a professional AC unit technician to repair or replace parts of your AC unit can help save a lot of energy and money and keep your home cool during the summer. Your local AC unit repair service can help keep your air conditioner up and running all the time. A professional service will also help perform additional maintenance tasks annually to ensure the air conditioner performs as efficiently as possible.