Keep Your Water Heater Running Efficiently

Your water heater has a big job to do and you depend on it for all of your hot water needs. You need warm water to wash your clothes, to wash your dishes, and to bathe. Without it, you would have to manually boil buckets of water like they did before the water heater was invented and that would take a substantial amount of time. It is simply not convenient to be without a water heater.

A water heater is a great invention and it is only good if it works properly. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure that your water heater is working properly and that it is also efficient. One way that you can keep your water heater running smoothly and lower your utility bill is to make sure that the thermostat is set to 120 degrees. This is a great way to save as much as 5 percent in energy consumption for every 10 degrees that you lower the temperature. You will also avoid having scalding hot water come out of the tap.

You should also drain your tank at least once a year or even twice a year. This will help to get rid of a lot of the sediment and mineral deposits that accumulate into the tank. To do this, you can hook up a garden hose to the drain valve and have the other end into a bucket. You may want to have a few buckets ready so that you can dump out one bucket while the other one is filling. This will also help the water heater to run more quietly as well.

You should test the temperature-pressure relief valve by discharging it a few times. Keep an eye out for any leaks. You should also check the sacrificial anode rod every few years by removing it. You can do this with a hex screw. If the rod has over 6 inches of the core steel wire exposed, if the rod is coated with calcium, or if the rod is less than 1/2 inch thick you should have it replaced right away.

Sometimes, even with the best of care you will have to replace your water heater eventually. They don’t last forever, after all, but you may be able to get a water heater repair las vegas nv to make it last a little longer. If you take care of your water heater t will take care of you.

If you have an older unit, you should have it insulated with a fiberglass jacket. This will help to improve its efficiency and be sure also to insulate the cold and hot water pipes. Just as you probably turn down your furnace when you go on vacation, you should also turn down the thermostat on your water heater. Again, this will help to improve your utility bill and will also help to extend the life of your water heater since it’ll not be turning on as often.