Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Services 

Before overhauling, downsizing or upgrading your HVAC system, it is only wise to do a thorough business environment evaluation. The evaluation should be geared at determining the heating and cooling load that your business requires to run smoothly. When and where you can, reduce your load. This could go a long way in saving costs that would have gone into a much more expensive new system.

Proper insulation of your business environment is crucial in avoiding heat loss or even loss of cool air. To achieve the best insulation results, it is also advisable to install energy-efficient ventilation systems and windows. When the windows are tinted, they go a long way in preventing temperature rising during hot seasons. To further reduce the heat in your business environment, upgrade your office equipment and lighting to more energy efficient and less heat producing gadgets. You have to figure out the most efficient cooling load of your business and then go ahead to choose the best HVAC system and design for your business. This will not only save investment costs but also have your business running smoothly and efficiently.

There are a horde of HVAC companies offering Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Services orlando fl and neighboring residents trust. They mainly offer Commercial A/C installation, repair and service. Most are very experienced in the HVAC and have pretty enticing deals to offer. There are those that offer year-long maintenance agreements with regular inspections of the customer’s HVAC equipment. Once you are a contract customer, an experienced HVAC company should offer you a preferred rate for electrical, plumbing and air conditioning work off the maintenance contract.

The areas of expertise of these service providers are mainly:

  • Upgrades, replacements and sales of commercial equipment from all major manufacturers
    • Providing service for all products from major manufacturers of air conditioning systems such as heat, electric and gas pumps
    • VAV control systems
    • Cooling towers, chillers, process cooling and DX systems
    • Heat pumps and boilers
    • Energy management/ Building automation, including automated logic controls
    • Dehumidification/ computer room cooling
    • Refrigeration equipment
    • Variable frequency drives

Maintenance of the HVAC system

A HVAC system is a delicately calibrated handy gadget which is very expensive. Just like almost any other system such those in your car, the HVAC requires close attention and proper maintenance for optimal functionality. Make sure the condenser and evaporator coils are kept clean and the filters are replaced regularly.

When the coils remain dirty, the system will have to work a lot harder to keep your room well-conditioned. This ultimately translates to higher energy costs, and costly repair services if the system breaks down.

It is wise to have modern HVAC appliances since traditional ones (manufactured around the 1970s) are way less efficient than modern air conditioners. You could save your business up to a fifth of its overall heating and cooling costs by upgrading to the more energy-efficient gadgets. Repair of the air conditioning system can be time consuming and very costly. It is good to have the right service provider keeping your system in check.